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There are many people interested in chemistry who did not have access to a laboratory. The aim of this page is precisely serve as virtual laboratory where reflected some experiments that serve to illustrate some important aspects of chemistry.


Structural inorganic chemistry

The structure of elements and their compounds is a consequence of the Atomic characteristics of species that form them (electronic configuration, relative energies of its orbital). They are the direct consequence of the link interactions that exist in the substances and their understanding allows you to justify the physical properties of substances, as well as to predict the properties of new substances.

This section is intended to facilitate visualization of structures.


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Redox reactions
In solid state Aluminotermia Preparation of metallic chromium
Preparation of metallic manganese
In aqueous solution
Reaction of metallic sodium with water (here also acid-base) With phenolphthalein
With Thymol blue
With methyl Red
The silver mirror
Catalytic decomposition of hydrogen peroxide
Persistent blue

The ticket which does not burn
Trials to the flame Copper
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Chemical Demonstrations: A Handbook for Teachers of Chemistry Vol 1-4
and Bassam z. Shakhashiri, Univ of Wisconsin Pr; (December 1983)

Chemical Curiosities
by Herbert w. Roesky, Klaus Marcel, William e. Russey, T. b. Mitchell
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Chemical Magic
by Leonard a. Ford, e. Winston Grundmeier, Dover Pubns; 2nd edition (1993)

Classic Chemistry Experiments
by K. Hutchings, Royal Society of Chemistry (1998)

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