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Laboratorio de Adhesión y Adhesivos



Responsible: José Miguel Martí­n Martí­nez


Adhesion and adhesives laboratory of the University of Alicante He was founded in January 1990. Its main activities include the knowledge and the improvement of the accession processes in several fields of research and industry, mainly in the footwear, toy, natural stone, surgery and packaging. In addition, the laboratory has extensive experience in the formulation, modification and rheology of adhesives (contact adhesives which thermoset adhesives, PSA adhesives adhesives).
Fruit of this work from the year of its creation have been published more than 250 articles in international journals, 32 chapters of book and more than 310 contributions to conferences on the specialty. Doctoral degree and 22 reports to obtain the Diploma of advanced studies has also have defended to the present day 27 Ph.d. thesis, 22.




Responsible: Antonio Sepúlveda Escribano


The Advanced Materials Laboratory, established in 1982, is dedicated to the development of new materials, combining basic and applied research which is geared towards the following objectives:

  1. The training of research staff, both predoctoral and postdoctoral fellow, ensuring a good harmony between scientific training and humans, all of this based on an excellent strength of personnel and means.
  2. The development of advanced materials, based on a basic research oriented, so that it can meet the demands of today's technological society. The projects of the National Plan more Europeans and research with business contracts are the drivers of an intense research activity.



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Responsible: Diego Cazorla Amorós




The materials carbon and environment group began its research activity in 1990 at the University of Alicante. Currently, with a team of about 28 people and 91 made or developing research projects, has extensive experience in the areas of porous materials and heterogeneous Catalysis with special dedication to the area of environment. It is integrated in the Department of inorganic chemistry and at the Institute of materials of Alicante. The group collaborates with many research (50) groups belonging to both the University of Alicante, as other national and foreign universities, as well as with research centres in various international companies (20).
The research activities carried out during these 17 years has been financed through 91 projects of research, public and private, all focused on the acquisition of advanced materials and their applications in different areas. This research work has been reflected in the publication of 250 articles in journals of international renown.




Responsible: Javier GarcÍa MartÍnez


We are interested in research in the field of nanomaterials and their subsequent applications in production and storage of energy and Catalysis in the laboratory of Molecular nanotechnology .
The main lines of research that we currently are:

  1. Develope of mesoporossity in zeolites.
  2. Preparation of nanoparticles using techniques of reverse MicroEmulsion.
  3. Incorporation of nanoparticles in mesoporous silicons.
  4. Synthesis of nanostructured nested by biomimetic materials.
  5. Preparation of catalysts for the efficient production of biodiesel.
  6. Develope of a nanostructured coal for the storage of energy .



Department of Inorganic Chemistry

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