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Plan of communication of the department



The preventive activitiesof psychosocial risks launched at the University of Alicante in 2012, as a result of the implementation of its Prevention Plan (approved in Council of Government of 29/06/2009) and its policy on prevention of Occupational hazards (approved the 29/07/2011), include the existence of COMMUNICATION PLANS whose objective is to favor the transfer of the information generated in the UA and in the Department itself and the updating of the same, in order to improve the personal relationships.

To achieve these objectives a specific entry will be created on the Departament's website where all the information deemed relevant to the Department personnel will be linked.

This section will also include a suggestions mailbox to collect opinions and personal or collective initiatives that promote attitudes that promote attitudes that favor the existence of an adequate working environment..

Equally, a distribution list of Internal Communications will be created so that the secretary of the Department will send any news of interest to all the staff attached to it.

Another measure, already implemented, is to keep in the Agenda of all the sessions of the Collegiate organs of the Department, a point dedicated to reports, including, not only the reports of the Direction, but also the ones of the representatives of the Department in the diferents areas of the AU.


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