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Definition and aims



 As a consequence of the implementation of the Prevention Plan of the University of Alicante, it seeks to identify and assess risk factors that the Department can find, through a Psychosocial Risk Assessment.

In this sense, it is of the utmost importance to raise awareness among all staff to adopt attitudes that favor the existence of an adequate working environment.

PREVENTIVE ACTIONS to be established should include:

  1. A plan that recognise the contribution of the personnel of the Service in the attainment of the aims of the institution, so that they allow:
    1. Encourage recognition of personal work and contribution to the AU.
    2. Reinforce the meaning and the importance of the own tasks of each place of work.
    3. Internal communication of the professional successes of the personnel to promote the recognition of the same.


  2. Adoption of measures to promote internal communication channels, with the following objectives:
    1. To make known in sufficient time future restructurings, new tasks, technologies, etc. In order to offer the staff the maximum possible information about them.
    2. Establish communication mechanisms for better staff information.
    3. Establish and keep channels of communication (ascending, downward and horizontals) and information for all the members of the Department.
    4. Define procedures that facilitate the taking of decisions, the execution of the tasks, his design and planning.


  3. Adoption of measures to improve the psychosocial welfare in the Department, establishing the following mechanisms:
    1. Promote fair treatment among members of the different working groups.
    2. Promote knowledge and application of procedures for resolving conflicts between workers (both personal and work).
    3. Establish control and / or monitoring mechanisms that prevent risk situations by managers.
    4. Act, using current legislation, to avoid those behaviors and attitudes that do not comply with the preventive policy of the UA and may be the cause of risk situations (physical, psychosocial, etc.)
    5. Promote the resolution of the existent interpersonal conflicts in the different units.
    6. Facilitate the environmental and organisational conditions that boost the cooperation and the provision of help between mates and mates, and between upper.
    7. To inform the academic authorities of the problematic situations in order to know their causes and to be able to act to facilitate their resolution.
    8.  Apply, if necessary, the existing procedures and actions in the Guide for action for physical, psychosocial risk situations ...

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