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Department of inorganic chemistry teaching in grades of geology, chemical engineering, mathematics and chemistry. As well as in degree courses to extinguish of geological engineering, chemical engineering and chemical.

Also it teaches in PhD courses of the program of materials science that has the mention of quality of the Ministry of education, also participating in the Masters of science of materials, nanoscience and nanotechnology, and environmental and sustainable chemistry.


Some of the results of these investigations have resulted in the development of patents and articles published in the most prestigious journals in the area, including Science and Nature, and even being home in some magazines.



Inorganic Chemistry Department develops research in national and international projects with public and private entities through research personnel hired or a scholarship in formation.

Research is carried out in the following research groups:

  • Adhesion and adhesives laboratory
  • Advanced Materials Laboratory
  • Laboratory of Molecular nanotechnology
  • Carbon materials and environment
Lines of research.
  • BioMimetic materials.
  • Composite materials.
  • Nanostructured materials.
  • Materials for energy storage and production.
  • Carbon materials (sorbents, structural).
  • Adhesion and adhesives (medicine, aeronautics, footwear).
  • Hybrid and heterogeneous catalysts.
  • Environment (Elimination of pollutants, purification).
  • Pharmaceuticals synthesis, green chemistry.
Materials made in inorganic chemistry.


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Scientific equipment.
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Department of Inorganic Chemistry

Universidad de Alicante
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