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Experimental Facilities




Educational laboratories: Faculty of Sciences VI: classroom building. (CTQ) Ground floor.

  • Laboratory of practices 12 Laboratories of practices with capacity for 18 places of work instrumented with take of empty, nitrogen, air compressed and lighter of natural gas. Each laboratory is endowed with vitrinas extractoras of gases, system of water distilled by means of loop of distribution, two analytical balances, stove of dried of glass, mufla of calcination and elements of security such as shower, eyewash, first aid kit, mask of gases, extinguisher, fireproof blanket, kit of collected of spill, manual of security for the work in the laboratory and blackboard of paper for explanations of the professor.
    Each laboratory has a space of collected and storage of waste agreement to the groups of dangerous wastes established by the rule of the UA.


Taps of gases of laboratoryVitrina Of gasesShower of securityLavaojos

MaskMedicine cabinetExtinguisherFireproof blanketkit Of spill


  • 2 Laboratories destined to practices with instrumental teams.


Laboratory Bf Laboratory Bg


  • 1 Laboratory of computing of practices instrumented with 17 computers and team of projection.


Laboratory of computing of practices Laboratory of computing of practices 2


  • 1 Laboratory multipurpose of practices with a capacity of 32 places, instrumented with library of support to the practical teaching, atomic and molecular models, system of interactive teaching by means of cliquers and team of projection with system of sound.


Laboratory multiusos 1 Laboratory multiusos 2


Space Code sigua Description
Laboratory B.g1 and 2 0041PB003
Laboratory of equipment
Laboratory B.f 0041PB004 Laboratory of equipment
Laboratory B.d2 0041PB006 Laboratory of computing
Laboratory B.d1 0041PB096 Laboratory Multipurpose
Laboratory B.c 0041PB007 Laboratory of practices
Laboratory B.b 0041PB008 Laboratory of practices
Store location 0041PB038
Material for practices





Analytical scales 3 digits 2

Analytical scales of 4 digits

Scales of magnetic susceptibility Scales termogravimétrica Destilador And tank of water Machine of ice in flakes
Analytical balances of 3 decimals Analytical balances of 4 decimals Balance of magnetic susceptibility Thermogravimetric balance with acquisition automated of data Distiller of water with tank and loop of distribution Machine of ice in flakes
Stove of dried of glass Mufla Bathroom of ultrasounds Bathroom of termoagitación Cryogenic bathroom  
Stoves of dried of glass Muflas With rampa of temperature Bathroom of Ultrasounds Bathrooms of Thermoshaken Cryogenic bathroom  


Ultraviolet spectrophotometer-visible


Spectrophotometer of infrared by transformed of Fourier



Spectrophotometer of Ultraviolet-Visible Spectrophotometer of Infrared by Transformed of Fourier X Ray Difractometer Miniflex II Rigaku      
Microscope metalográfico Lupa Machine of universal essays Durometer Machine of essays phywe  
Microscope Metallographic with capture of image and television magnifying glass Machine of Universal testing Instron Durometer of Hardness Rockwell Instron Machine of testing of 5 KN  
Cliquers colorimeter


Medidor de Puntos de Fusión     
System of transmission of data by radiofrequency  Colorimeter Conductimeter  Melting point meter    



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