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Researchers of UA the Inorganic Chemistry Department achieve efferificas any solid

Achieving salt spheres captures the attention of haute coisine. It is the first business secret of the University of Alicante.

Javier García Professor of the University of the Department of Inorganic Chemistry will preside over the Young Academy of Spain
The new scientific institution, Young Spanish Academy  (AJE), will represent and give
visibility to young scientists preferably from the field of experimental sciences.
The Social Council of the UA rewards Salvador Ordóñez, the UPUA and Francisco Rodríguez Reinoso
The Social Council has awarded this year the award in research to Francisco Rodríguez
Reinoso, Honourable Collaborator of the Inorganic Chemistry Department of the UA.
Two scientific solutions with excellence
Laura Pastor, PhD in chemistry of the Inorganic Chemistry Department, has approved a
scientific solution that has earned her the extraordinary prize for her thesis.
The University of Alicante will recover six high-level researchers, thanks to the GenT plan
The researcher Miriam Navlani, will arrive at the Inorganic Chemistry Department
thanks to the GenT plan for the recovery of scientific talent promoted by the Ministry
of Education.
The director of the LAA, award for research excellence by the Society of Biomaterials of Romania

The Professor of the Department of Inorganic Chemistry and director of the LAA of the University of Alicante, has received the award during the 8th International Conference "Biomaterials, tissue engineering and medical devices" BIOMMEDD'2018

Innovative adhesive able to withdraw from the skin without pain
Researchers of the Adhesion and Adhesives Laboratory of the  Inorganic Chemistry Department of the University
of Alicante, have developed an innovative adhesive capable of sticking to the skin with a slight pressure.
It offers a great tolerance this new polyurethane - plastic material - leaves no residue and can be removed without
pain by slightly cooling the area. Designed for medical products, in addition to having excellent properties for the
labeling and transport of refrigerated goods or food.
Jaime García Aguilar. XXVI award for the best doctoral thesis in chemistry of the territorial section of the RSSC.
The Jury of the XXVI Prize "San Alberto Magno" has decided to award to the best Doctoral Thesis 2017 in the field 
of Chemistry to Mr. Jaime García Aguilar, for his thesis Titled "More efficient processes in catalysis through the
synthesis of new coatings and fillings. "Thesis directors: D. Diego Cazorla and D. Ángel Berenguer, both teachers
of the Inorganic Chemistry Department.
Elections of representative to the Council of the Inorganic Chemistry Department



Research grant PROMETEO program

The research group MCMA  of the Inorganic Chemistry Departmen, leaded by Prof. Diego Cazorla-Amorós has got funding from the Prometeo program for excellent research groups.

The Department of Inorganic Chemistry participates in the most scientific night and amused in the UA

Around 180 researchers, between them Mercedes Pastor, Elena Serrano, Erika of Oliveira, Hernán Pablo Decolatti and Gamze Sarigul Aguilar, of the Department of Inorganic Chemistry participated in the European Night of the Investigation of the past 28 September.

Alternativas renovables para sustituir combustibles fósiles

El Catedrático de Universidad del Departamento de Química Inorgánica Antonio Sepúlveda, participa en el proyecto de investigación e innovación eForFuel.

Exchange program between Spain and the United States.
The professor and researcher of the  Inorganic Chemistry Department, selected to 
participate in the first exchange program between Spanish centers and MIT.
The project to store renewable energy in 'redox flow' batteries is generating
very promising results.
The American Society of Chemistry gives the researcher of the UA, Javier Garcá, the prize for the best entrepreneur 2018
It is the first time that this scientific society, the largest in the world with more 
than 161,000 members, grants this galeardón to a foreigner.
Offer of university degrees of the UA-
The professor Avelina García García of the Department of Inorganic Chemistry
has presented the offer of university degrees at the Nuestra Señora del
Carmen School in Elche.

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