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University of Alicante places 28 researchers among the most influential in the world according to Stanford University

The Ranking of the World Scientists: World's Top 2% Scientists' evaluates the impact of scientific publications of researchers from all over the world.

The ranking, carried out by Stanford University and published in the journal PlosBiology, highlights UA researchers in three areas: Science, Technology and Social Sciences.

Obituary Francisco Rodríguez Reinoso

Carbon journal tribute to Francisco Rodríguez Reinoso by P.A. Thrower.

Researchers of UA the Inorganic Chemistry Department achieve efferificas any solid

Achieving salt spheres captures the attention of haute coisine. It is the first business secret of the University of Alicante.

Javier García Professor of the University of the Department of Inorganic Chemistry will preside over the Young Academy of Spain
The new scientific institution, Young Spanish Academy  (AJE), will represent and give
visibility to young scientists preferably from the field of experimental sciences.
The Social Council of the UA rewards Salvador Ordóñez, the UPUA and Francisco Rodríguez Reinoso
The Social Council has awarded this year the award in research to Francisco Rodríguez
Reinoso, Honourable Collaborator of the Inorganic Chemistry Department of the UA.
Two scientific solutions with excellence
Laura Pastor, PhD in chemistry of the Inorganic Chemistry Department, has approved a
scientific solution that has earned her the extraordinary prize for her thesis.

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